The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1951 Shakespeare House Sullivan Edition

This small 1951 Shakespeare House edition somehow feels more modern than it is and yet it is reminiscent of other Sullivan copies from earlier. The font of the title page makes me feel like it should be a more recent copy, but the poetry pages have the same design as other similar Sullivan editions. Overall, it’s a nice, simple copy by a publisher new to this site and another with illustrations by Edmund J. Sullivan.

This copy was graciously sent to me by a visitor. Thank you!

The Book Itself

Compact edition with bold font choices on the non-poetry pages. Spine is a bit worn, and the cover is plain. I like the textured flyleaf.

The Poetry

Unsurprisingly but also surprisingly, it’s similar to other Sullivan Rubaiyats. Nothing new to add.

The Illustrations

It’s Sullivan. It’s good.