The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
Unknown Thomas Y. Crowell Company Leather Edition with the Salaman and Absal of Jami

This Thomas Y. Crowell Company edition contains the ‘Salaman and Absal of Jami’ like this 1910 Crowell copy. The interior is nothing special, but it does contain a great deal of accessory content. The leather cover is soft and supple. Unfortunately, the binding of my copy is in very rough shape.

The piece of art before the title page I recognize as being from Gilbert James. You can see it in this Henry Altemus edition.

The Book Itself

It has the the “To E. Fitzgerald” poem with the epilogue by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, plus an Note by the Editor, W. Aldis Wright.

Its interior content looks pretty much the same as this 1910 Crowell edition with the Salaman and Absal of Jami.

The Poetry