The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
Unknown Year Books, Inc. Art Type Edition Complete Edition

This Books, Inc. Art Type Edition says it is a ‘Complete Edition Showing Variants in the Five Original Printings’. The interior bears a striking similarity to the 1921 Crowell Brangwyn Complete Edition, however, this one lacks illustrations and the content is in a slightly different order.

Speaking of content and ordering, the table of contents is incorrect. Not only can I not find the “To, E. FitzGerald” epilogue, the numbering isn’t correct for the biographical preface and the Omar Khayyam bit (for ex. it says the Omar Khayyam bit starts on 23, but it is 29). But then it seems to be correct beyond that. It is strange. Either the page numbering or table of contents is wrong. I’m guessing the former, but I haven’t counted the pages or what not to verify.

The Book Itself

The Poetry