The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1966 Crowell Karlin Edition

This 1966 Thomas Y. Crowell Company edition has illustrations from Eugene Karlin. It has a decorated case that protects a bright red, decorated cover. This copy is the second printing of the edition, originally copyright 1964.

Update 09/2023: Updated the layout, url, year, and added/replaced pictures. It was originally declared as 1964 rather than 1966. I’ve decided going forward to use the print year as the year rather than the original copyright year. This is in case I get the original 1964 print edition. I swapped the thumbnail of the book case for the book cover (and took new pics of each), as that’s how I usually showcase the books.

The Book Itself

“The title page, introduction heading, jacket title, and other displays were hand lettered by the American calligrapher Riki Levinson.” - from manufacture note

The Poetry

Contains first and fourth edition text.

The Illustrations

The artwork is of black and white drawings of figures in various evocative poses.