The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1950s H. Kashani M. Tajvidi Edition

Gilding is by A. Bagheri.

The poems are presented in four languages. English, French, German, and I’m guessing Farsi.

This is interesting copy for a multitude of reasons (including the above). Such as: that it is from Iran, that it is spiral bound, and that it has the gilding and miniaturist attributions. I use interesting as in mysterious or…nostalgic. Like a window into some other world. I do not have it photographed out of respect, but this copy does have a signed note to the person who was to receive it–from the giver. It makes it feel personal. Hard to explain.

The art itself is hard to explain and photograph. The cover has plastic over it and the pages themselves are sort of waxy (not all the way, but they have a quality that doesn’t photograph well). The artwork feels ‘raised’ when you physically appreciate it. A wonderful effect. This is definitely a special copy.