The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1950s H. Kashani M. Tajvidi Edition

This spiral bound H. Kashani edition has gilding by A. Bagheri while M. Tajvidi is the miniturist has a landscape presentation. I’m assuming M. Tajvidi is the one who did the art.

The poetry is presented in four languages from what I can tell: English, French, German (though some pages are lacking it), and I’m guessing Farsi. It doesn’t seem to be 100% one of FitzGerald editions…the quatrains seem to be in no particular order, most seem to be a match to the FitzGerald first edition, but there is at least one quatrain that isn’t a match. I didn’t do a check of each quatrain.

I’ve approximated it as being from the 1950s as there is a signed note dated from 1958. I do not have it photographed out of respect. It makes the copy feel personal, sort of a window into another world with all of its other interesting qualities. It is hard to explain.

All in all, this is a very unique edition and I’m lucky to have it.

Update 09/2023: Updated the layout, replaced all the pictures since the coloring was awful on the originals, and overhauled the page copy with new observations.

The Book Itself

The first and last pages have a plastic cover over them. The pages themselves have an interesting texture. It is sort of board-like.

The Poetry

The pictures below are of the entire page: both the poetry and the art beside it.

If the quatrain is a match to any in the FitzGerald first edition (all but one featured), I’ve marked it as such.