The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1920 Macmillan and Co. Golden Treasury Series Edition

This 1920 Macmillan and Co. edition is part of the publisher’s Golden Treasury Series. It seems that this is the 1920 reprint of it, with this 1903 edition being the 1903 reprinting of it. They do not share the same cover, but the interior looks the same.

This was a very hard edition to photograph. The cover boards were completely disconnected from the spine, the spine was disintegrating, and it was bound very tightly so I had to really hold it open to take a picture. So that is why some of the pictures aren’t fantastic. They were all (except for the repair ones, obviously) taken before the repair job.

The Book Itself

The Poetry


The front and back boards were completely off so via some glue and super cloth it was repaired into a far more…connected state by my mom and I. Some glue was applied to stick some of the flaked-off spine bits back on.