The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1900 Dodge Publishing Company & H.M. Caldwell Co. Edition

Simple, small Rubaiyat edition that has one element of interest: It’s copyrighted by the H.M. Caldwell Co. but it’s published by the Dodge Publishing Company. I’ve marked the publisher as Dodge for that reason, but linked Caldwell here too.

Besides that…it’s super basic and the interior is nothing special. It looks very much like this 1900 Caldwell edition on the inside. I’m wondering if Dodge basically published/printed the interior that was copyrighted by Caldwell but with different binding.

Speaking of the binding, the binding is robust. My copy has held up extremely well.

The Book Itself

It’s pretty small…only five and a half inches tall. The marbled flyleaf is pretty. Like other similar copies, the relief artwork page and title page has a film page between them.

The Poetry

It contains only the fourth edition text.