The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam:
1899 Grosset & Dunlap Gilbert James Edition

This edition is copyright 1899 by Alex. Grosset and Company, but it cannot be from 1899, because the ‘New Light on Omar Khayyam’ bit by Edward S. Holden is copyright 1900. So early 1900s is my guess. I still have marked it as 1899 due to that being the copyright year. Once I decide my hard rule for dating editions by print or copyright, I may go back and change this, but here it is.

Regardless of year, it contains art from Gilbert James. The interior looks similar to this 1917 Barse & Hopkins edition, which, interestingly, is also copyright 1899 originally, but with the same New Light bit at the end. That one does say copyright 1917 as well, though.

The Book Itself

The Poetry

The Illustrations